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The Four Steps To Attract More Prosperity In Your Life Using The Power Of Your Mind.

1. Be grateful for any money that comes into your life.

You must express gratitude for the money that is present in your life in order to attract more money into your life. Rather than whining about how little money you have, rejoice in the numerous ways you are already wealthy. If you earn a specific amount of money, keep in mind that a lot of people make less. When you concentrate on what you already have rather than what you desire, you will understand that you are already wealthy. Give thanks for all the blessings in your life on a regular basis.

Today's application of this principle:

Instead of barely registering what has happened and mentally beginning to squander it the next time money enters your life from whatever source, take a few moments to thank God for bringing this money into your life. Stop and appreciate the fact that money is flowing into your life every time you get a paycheck, every time someone offers you money for any reason, every time you locate money, get a great deal, or save money in some way. If you do this every time you receive money, you will attract more money into your life.

2. Pretend to be wealthy.

The essential fact of all mind power work is that you must act as if you already have what you want. Assume that you already have the money you desire. Consider what you would do, act, and feel if you were already wealthy, and then do, act, and feel in those ways.

Of course, this does not imply that you quit your job and go on a lavish vacation as you would if you suddenly received a large sum of money; rather, you begin small and work your way up to larger wealth with each success. Eat a little bit better, dress a little bit nicer, go on slightly higher-end holidays, take a cab instead of the bus now and then, enroll in that course you think you can't afford, or do anything else you want but think you can't because of a lack of funds.

And as you go about doing these things, revel in your inner richness, knowing that it will be reflected in your outward environment. You'll be surprised how life provides for the things that make you happy.

Today's application of this principle:

The next time you're preparing to buy something, anything, buy something of somewhat better quality and price than you normally would. Even if something is only a few dollars more than you normally spend, purchase it and praise God for providing for your new expanded lifestyle.

Even if it's a small step, you're teaching your mind that you're expanding your limits, and as you practice, you'll find that you're able to buy more of the things you desire in life, and the money will appear to pay for them.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for money-making opportunities.

One thing that all self-made billionaires agree on is that opportunities may be found anywhere if we are willing to look for them. Take a look at your own life to see if this is true. There are surely a number of moments in your life when you reflect on what may have happened if you had taken a chance at the proper time. Whether it's obvious things like career opportunities you passed up, investment opportunities you didn't believe in, or less obvious opportunities like an idea you once had that is now making someone else wealthy, or an industry you could have entered before it became saturated, there's always something to learn.

If you're like most individuals, you believe you previously had a chance but it's now gone when you think about your former possibilities. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the wealthy recognize that new chances are always available to them. All you have to do is keep an eye out for possibilities, keep an open mind, and be ready to seize them when they present themselves.

You've probably heard the old cliché that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. It couldn't be more accurate. You will be blessed with more great possibilities than you have ever encountered if you expect to find money-making opportunities in your life and plan to take advantage of them when they arise.

Today's application of this principle:

Take out a little notebook and jot down all of the money-making ideas that come to mind.

Regardless of how ridiculous or outlandish the concept may appear, write it down.

This accomplishes two goals. First, you recognize that there are numerous money-making chances available to you right now, as there have always been and will continue to be.

Second, this activity will train your mind to see money-making chances where it may have previously overlooked them, as well as to practice seeing opportunities in the future.

If you keep adding ideas to your notebook on a regular basis, you will eventually come across an exceptional opportunity that is ideal for you on your list. Then go ahead and do it!

4. Engage in an activity that makes you happy.

This has to be the simplest money-making tip I've ever given. Make an effort to do something that makes you happy. When you feel good, your energy rises, and when your energy rises, more of the things that make you feel good come into your life.

Is it possible that life could be any simpler? Not so, but we're so wrapped up in everyone else's backwards thinking that we overlook the clear flow of energy. To attract more of the good things in your life, including more money, all you have to do is send out positive energy. Happiness and joy physically rearrange the atoms in your environment to provide you greater happiness and joy. Of course, the opposite is also true. So stay away from fear, anger, and depression and focus on feeling good about yourself and your life.

If you're having trouble, just practice. Begin with something tiny that provides you joy. It could be something as easy as watching a sunset, renting your all-time favorite movie, or taking someone you care about out for dessert.

The key is to go all-in on these activities, focusing your entire attention on the enjoyment radiating from your soul out into the world. This simple gesture will pay off handsomely.

Today's application of this principle:

Don't just read this post and think to yourself, "That sounds nice," and then go about your business. Choose something that will make you happy and do it today. It doesn't matter what it is or how little it appears to be. You don't have to do anything at all, in fact. All that matters is that you experience the pleasant feelings of happiness and joy that emanate from your soul.

Feeling grateful for something in your life is a simple method to generate pleasant mood. Simply choose something for which you are grateful in your life and radiate your gratitude towards it.

If you start now, it's never too late.

That should be plenty to get you started. There are four very basic steps you can take to start increasing the amount of prosperity you have in your life. Don't stop there, though. Never allow fear or uncertainty to penetrate your thoughts. You don't need anything other than the power of your thoughts to succeed.

You are merely generating limiting ideas that will emerge in the outside world if you fear that you are not smart enough, not connected enough, not skilled enough, not young enough, or not elderly enough. All you truly need to know is that the state of your inner thought is reflected in the outside world. Know that you can make every day from now on a bit more joyous and bountiful, and your life will begin to alter as a result.

It's a simple and gentle operation, similar to growing a plant. One day, you'll wake up to find that all of your positive ideas have blossomed into the lovely fruits of a happy and successful existence.

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