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Find Out What To Do If You Are Experiencing Persistent Temptation

"Do not stop praying, no matter what". 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Read:Genesis 39:7 to 12

Even if you manage to fight the devil in one area, it is likely that your success will turn into defeat later on.

For instance, the victory over infertility that God granted certain people has now been turned into an idol. When you worship a gift, you invite the Giver's wrath and, eventually, his wrath becomes your enemy.

In Judges 8:22-27, Gideon's triumph allowed for the emergence of idolatry as a result. Furthermore, Samson was well aware that Satan's goal was to bring him to his knees. Preachers are the worst offenders when it comes to talking too much. As a result, pastors are asked to deliver a brief sermon during their initial training.

His self-assurance and belief that Delilah was an ordinary girl convinced him that she would be unable to seize control of him. See how even the most powerful people may fall prey to sin and temptation in today's shocking exposé. Some have succumbed to repeated temptation, as did Joseph, but he was saved by God's grace (Genesis 39:7-10).

If a certain temptation persists, satan can wear you out with his attacks, but you can wear him out with your prayers(1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Every day, Potiphar's wife tempted Joseph, but he resisted her advances. Satan doesn't mind putting so much pressure on you in order to get you to do what he wants you to do. In addition to constant prayer, it is vital to flee like Joseph when faced with repeated temptation.

As the devil went on pursuing them, many people found themselves in a position where they had to give in to their temptations because they were no longer able to resist. Remove yourself from the source of the temptation when it becomes too much. If you'd want to ask your prayer partner to pray with you, you can do so. You can also seek help from your local preacher. Avoid being on your own at these times and find a nice friend. You'll be victorious because of God's help.

When a temptation persists, realize that you are being watched by both Heaven and Earth.

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