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Judgement Versus Mercy; All From Almighty God

"He who, after being repeatedly chastised, hardens his neck, shall be abruptly killed, and without redress." Proverbs 29:1.

Our God is pure and holy. He is Love and He is Love at the same time. The holiness of God and the love of God may occasionally collide. His holiness will lead Him in one direction, while His love will lead Him in the opposite direction. As a result, these two heavenly traits may appear to be at opposition with one another. When God's love reigns, we receive mercy, but when His holiness triumphs, we receive judgment. Many times, God's holiness allows His love to continue to triumph. Why? Because it understands that without holiness, no one will be able to see God (Hebrews 12:14).

Our actions often deserve God's wrath, but God's love wins, and we are granted mercy. One thing is certain: we are able to see another day because God's love triumphs. Thank God for His mercies, which are renewed each morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). "Don't lose hope in him; he will get better; let us give him another day to repent and become holy," love always tells God. However, there will come a day when God's judgment will be carried out.

Some individuals make various ludicrous claims based on the verse that reads "God's mercy endures forever." "I can do whatever I want," some of them remark, "since God's kindness has helped me thus far and will continue to forgive me forever." Some people even practice their confessional appeal before committing a sin! "Please forgive me for this lie I am going to tell," they pray to God. These individuals are merely kidding themselves. The fact that God's mercy is made possible by His love does not imply that God is foolish.

Yes, God's mercy lasts forever, but not for those who refuse to fear Him. “But the LORD's kindness is from eternal to everlasting upon those who fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children; to those who maintain his covenant, and to those who remember his instructions to obey them,” Psalm 103:17-18.

Those who fear God understand that any pleasure received from sin is actually poisonous. If you fear Him, you'll understand that, while He can be a wonderful friend, He can also be a very terrible adversary. No one can save you from His grasp if He chose to fight you. It is foolish for a child to continue to bother his or her father only because they were forgiven the day before. Because the child has been steadily building up annoyance in the father's heart, one day the father will turn to that youngster with a rod, and that rod will wreak destruction. In Jesus' name, I pray that God will touch your heart and remove your desire for sin.

Prayer point: Father, in Jesus' Name, please give me a fleshly heart that yields to your corrections.

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