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Biblical Reasons why COVID-19 Vaccine is not Mark of the Beast – 666

Biblical Reasons why COVID-19 Vaccine is not Mark of the Beast – 666

The reference to the Mark of the Beast and the dreaded number 666 are found in the book of Revelation 13. Therefore in order to confirm or conclude that COVID-19 Vaccine is or not Mark of the Beast or 666, we have to look into the chapter and find clarity.

First, if you can still walk into the store and buy food without being vaccinated according to John’s records in the book of Revelation 13, then we are not in the “Tribulation.” If people are not being beheaded for refusing vaccination, then we are not in the Tribulation.

Let us also consider the following conditions raised in Revelations regarding the Mark of the Beast and End Time:

Is it required for everyone the world to have to buy or sell according to Revelation 13:7?

Not really. It is not yet a requirement in most countries. For instance, the South Africa Human Rights Commission has stated that it is unconstitutional for companies to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory.

Does it have the "number of a man" (The Antichrist) associated with it according to Revelation 13:18?

There are no indications anywhere that any of the vaccine types has reference to the number 666.

Is it located on the right hand or the forehead according to Revelation 13:16?  

No. The vaccine jabs are taken on the upper arm of those who are vaccinated.

Has this same False Prophet also called down fire from heaven in the "sight of men" and raised an "image" of the Antichrist to life, which he requires everyone to worship or be killed? Rev 13: 11-15

No. Although there are New Age gospel ministers and church leaders, yet there is no known human prophet who has risen up to make such declaration or taken such steps

Was it ordered to be given by the False Prophet? Rev 13: 11-16

No. while some church leaders support vaccination, they are not in position to order compulsory vaccination. It is solely the call of government who are responsible for their citizens’ wellbeing.

The jab is not the mark of the beast. It doesn’t matter how much it looks like the mark of the beast. Certain things MUST happen before the mark of the beast is established. God won’t go about His word in disorder.

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