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Respect your spiritual gift always


Once spiritual awareness is open and you

accept your spiritual gifts whether it be prophet , pastor, traditional healer or spiritualist however you.

accepted your spiritual gifts the prospect of judgement immediately comes into the picture physically and spiritually you will be judged by your friends and your own family.

Surviving spirituality by evolution 

If we are descendants of fish that evolved limbs, and mammals that evolved a neo-cortex. then how can we possibly have an incorruptible element that proceeds living after our bodies die?

Our brains have evolved with spiritual intelligent in that they seem to be producing enlightenment from within.but they are actually amplifying a spirituality that is being lighted to the brain from elsewhere spiritually.

Our spiritual aspect is a incorruptible aspect. If you smash the body your soul doesn't get smashed along with it. In this case, when the brain and body die, the spirit doesn’t die with them.

Evolution may have evolved humans to such a degree that a “spiritual” aspect was developed that can survive bodily death—something self-sustaining that can exist apart from the body. 

Let's utilize computer analogy, the human hardware may have established a spiritual software program that can operate on other pieces of hardware in the spiritual realm.

If this sounds too questionable and unrealistic. Look at yourself spiritually don't look at yourself physically because you are actually more spiritual than physical.

Our spiritual life doesn’t have to be our enemy. 

Our parents have criticized us for speaking to our ancestors including calling it witchcraft. Your friend, your family do not want to be in your company because you have not called yourself a Christian but yet you have not told them you're not a Christian. 

To be honest I think we are more closer to Jehovah and those who call themselves Christians some of you.Your parents neglected they spiritual calling to feel comfortable in the world and are threatened that you have taken courage to accept your spiritual calling you've done what they couldn't do. 

It is sad to see that most spiritual gifted people don't have a family support structure.

Some of us had to make very difficult decisions having to cut off some friends and family members for the sake of our well-being spiritually.

Whatever mystery is of having developed spiritual gifts may be working behind wether be Jehovah or your ancestors this is your spiritual gift and yours to use for the benefit of others those who have their judgements let them be with their judgements.

The extraordinary thing is that the spiritual mystery will always exist. Whether your friends and family accept it that is not your issue. Your issues is focusing at the assignment at hand which is your spiritual gift.

We are spiritual gifted in a vast only confused by those of our own blood. The extent that some of our family members lie to us and say we don't practice such things only to find that they did practice such things but they feel comfortable hiding behind Christianity because they don't want to accept themselves as they are.Jehovah made you to be you I don't think he made us to lose our identity he made us different for a reason. 

Every bodily aspect of what you become, and every physical thing you own, is doomed to decay. It is wise not to get caught up in it. Transformation is the only universal law. 

Please don’t get attached to this world because it is not permanent focus on your spirituality. Let those who want to be comfortable in the illusion of the world and neglect their spirituality growth in order to praise the world be.Let them do what suits them and don't let them peer pressure you into making decisions that will hinder your spirituality.

Don’t store up treasures here on Earth, where they can be eaten by moth and rust, where thieves break in and steal, for wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also, said Jesus Christ. 

The stuff you so worried about in the end it doesn’t matter but your spirit does and achieving your spirituality goals while you are alive.

Here and now to worry about whether people like you or not. They will always be those who hate you and those who love you as you are.

Here and now to worry about whether one survives death is a waste of time because you will die like it or not.

The most important spiritual law is not whether you’ll be alive in a hundred years, or whether you were alive a thousand years ago, or whether you’re living rich or poor.

The issue is are you fully alive right here, right this second? This moment, right now, is eternity. The main thing is never other lives, it’s always this life.

Live in such a manner that if you had to relive your life a thousand times you’d be glad to re-experience every second. Accept yourself spiritually.

Pray continuously, live with break-neck courage, say most of what comes to your mind, and there’ll be enough drama in your life to satisfy your soul do not compromise the truth for the sake of those who don't want to hear the truth.

We owe our spiritual awareness to the ultimate spiritual mystery whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than choosing, closer than consciousness itself. 

The ultimate spiritual mystery is the ground in which our being is rooted, the source from whom our life emerges every moment.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why?

Because in effect you are them and they are you. What you do to “them,” you do to yourself. If you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself. There is no separation. 

Spiritually we are all connected. Spiritually everything can be known. We are all one. 

One mind - One soul - One spirit and those who have chosen separation respect them for their choice but do not tolerate any peer pressure and judgement against you from them.

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