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Importance of communicating with your ancestors

There are many misconceptions about the spiritual world and we don’t know what to believe anymore. As an African, you may find yourself being told that there should be a ritual that has to be performed for you or your family.

The headache starts here. you are clueless because you have never experienced this nor have you seen any of your parents doing a ritual before.

To connect with our ancestors is a ritual performed to;

Ask for guidance, luck and blessings

Call on the ancestors,

And give thanks with a sacrifice or offering.

We usually communicate with our ancestors at a Shrine.where both the maternal and paternal ancestors rest; which have been collected from their resting places through formal instruction.

Our prayer differs from family to family;

Some use candles, incense and snuff to communicate.

While some use snuff, mealie-meal mixed with water and ash in an wooden bowl.

And others use snuff and traditional beer, and others use (maize) to further their communication with their ancestors.

Going to the Bush is not really a good place to go and call the ancestors if you are a beginner, it starts from the grave and then to the home yard.

The bush, water and mountains is not really a good thing. I repeat, going to the bush you must have knowledge about what is really done there.

Because those places contain a lot of spirits, every ancestors, powerful ancestors, non lineage ancestors, bad ancestors, your ancestors, spiritual husbands, zombies, natural magical creatures.

That's why when you go there and nothing happens for a change in your life because you are not sure about what you are doing.

So in your sacred place is where there's only the way to your ancestors not other are sure you will not get lost. You are going straight at your paternal and maternal ancestors. 


The time to perform this ritual should be told to you by those within your family, some perform before sunset and others on the brink of sunrise.

No one should tell you how to connect with your ancestors. except those within your family because they are the custodians of the practice.

If this is new to you, I would advise you to get further assistance by undergoing initiates. as you will have a direct communication through your guides and you will be able to ask questions for clarity.

For those who wish to perform ritual and live in rented houses, and flats. Normally, before you move into a foreign space.

a ritual is performed at home to announce that you are leaving to reside at a space that is not yours. When you get to this particular place, your family would have told you what to do when you get there.

Many families still communicate with their ancestors in secret because they belong to a certain church that forbids such practices and labels it as witchcraft.

The sad truth is that communicating with your ancestors is not a sin nor should one be embarrassed or scared of others opinions.

Most of our surroundings are influenced by the blood that flows within our veins, it is time you wake up and find your path.

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