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Spiritually gifted lady explain why you need to add R1 coin into your bath water during bath time

See for further information.

A person's spiritual well-being is critical despite the fact that some people want to avoid spirituality because of misinformation spread by bogus pastors who claim that African spiritual practices are equivalent to witchcraft. Well, a talented young woman has put together a video on the importance of cleansing. '

Positive energy can be attracted to one's life by using the combination she provided. You should buy a bottle of Coke and pour it into your bath tub, she advised. Once you've done that, grab a few silver coins, two or more, and add them to the water you're using to wash yourself. Those who have problems growing and those who are in need of spiritual healing can benefit from this ceremony, according to Lady. For financial or business reasons, people will go to great lengths to prevent us from succeeding

Practicing your culture will protect you from being attacked by unseen attackers. The only way to rid your life of negative energies is by self-purification. Belief and prayer are all you need, unless when you bewitch them, when they go hand in hand. For seven days, all you have to do is pray and ask for your desired outcome.

See the video at the top of the page for further information.

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