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Photos Of Natural Trees That Look Exactly Like Human Beings

Do you know whether you're experiencing pareidolia? Bored Panda has a special treat for you if you like imagining things when there are none. We have gathered a collection of unusual trees that might be mistaken for anything. You'll find all sorts of bizarre trees here, some of which seem to defy the laws of nature.

While most maples and sweetgums have a similar appearance, some have been molded by Mother Nature seemingly for the purpose of fooling our eyes. Is it a lovely tree or a terrifying dragon?

No one has been able to persuade me that God is anything other than amazing; he shows off his greatness in so many surprising ways. There are countless examples of God's greatness all around us in nature, and even more in the people he created.

Some images I came upon caught my eye; they are so out-of-the-ordinary that they originally baffled me. Who would have thought to construct trees in the shape of humans? They did not arise naturally; nor were they fashioned by human hands.

Some of the trees supposedly have special meaning to locals wherever they are planted. I'd love to go take a picturesque selfie with one of the trees that was used to construct a tourist center. Take a look at the snapshot below and notice the peculiar trees.

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