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Apostle Mohlala Ripping People Off By Selling Small Bottle Of Fish Oil, Water and Salt For 300

Miracles have been a slavery to many people. They tend to believe that pastors can perform miracles for them. There is no pastor who can perform a miracle for you. You can perform a miracle for yourself by praying for yourself. Stop this thing of going to pastors for prayer as those people are not doing things that are godly. You see people buying stickers , water and oil to use. Do you not trust God?. They smear those things on their body for miracles to happen. You do not even know where those things come from. Apostle Mohlala has fooled lot of people and he is still going to continue doing it.

Asking as people still believe in miracles and they prefer to call a human being their God they will still be lost. Many people have lost lot things because of so called Pastor. They have given them money. How can a pastor who is true man of God preach about money. There is hunger on the country people will do anything to feed their stomuch.Theur families are living lavish lifestyle while you kids are suffering. Be careful of the so called pastors because they are here for business and to improve their lives as the unemployment is too high and they are old to look for a job.

Everyone is out there trying to do something so that they can feed their families. They even use you to accomplish their mission. Those people mostly of them they do not even respect women. They assult women and threaten them just because they are powerful and they have money. A lady came forward saying that she bought oil , water and salt for 300 and she decided not to use them anymore because she saw that something is wrong with the man. Do not be a victim of deceit.


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