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8 Powerful Reasons Why God And Ancestors Are Not Blessing You With Big Bucks

We live by God's grace every day. He is the provider and the giver in our life. There are no limits to what God can give.

6 Reasons Why God Doesn't Bless You With Big Bucks

1. You do not ask. Whoever asks in the name of Jesus and believes with firm faith will be received by the Lord. If you are struggling with financial problems you must ask Him because God does not know your problems until you ask Him to release you.

2. Your Faith Is Weak. The key to success is believing that you are worthy of God's blessings. Have firm faith in your God and his supply in your life. Be grateful and his favour will follow.

3. You will fight until you change your plans from bad to good.

5. You Are Lazy. The reason is that God hates lazy people and money cannot rain down on you to find you. It gives you money-generating opportunities. You have to work with your hands and your energy. Laziness never attracts finances in your life. It is the heart of God to bless people without any responsibility because it misuses money.

6. You ask the money with bad intentions. God wants us to better our lives with the money or blessings he offers to his people and not brag about it to other people. Before asking the big bucks from God, make sure that you have better plans on how to utilise the resource God will give you.

7. You sometimes give up on prayer/rituals. God's delays are not His denials, he delays to teach us wisdom. He wants you to first know who your real enemies are before he can bless you with the big bucks.

8. You still don't love your neighbours or family as you love yourself. The hand that gives is the hand that receives.


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Jesus You Are Lazy


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