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Say these Prayer Points To Our Heavenly Father For Your Children

One duty of every parent is to protect and provide for their children. Since we are children of God, our heavenly Father protects us from harm's way, however, we have to protect our children from harm. And one way we can protect our children is by constantly praying for them.

Join me and say these prayer points for the protection of children;

1) Heavenly Father, I thank you for the protection that you have given to me since I came to this world. I appreciate your protection and care in my life.

2) Oh Lord, I pray that you protect my children from harm's way and lead them to their purpose, here on earth.

3) Father Lord in heaven, I pray that you look into the lives of my children and fix any problems that they are facing in Jesus' name, amen.

If you prayed with these prayer points, kindly go to the comments section below and type "amen". Follow me for more prayer points and remain blessed.

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