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Best Halloween Costume per Zodiac Sign.

Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year, it makes us tap into our creative side, we reveal who we are on a deeper level expressing them through our costumes. If you are terrible at deciding on a costume maybe your astrological position will can help. Let's carve that indecisiveness with your zodiac sign; it's literally written in the stars afterall!


Character: Captain Marvel

As an action-loving sign, you enjoy a good superhero movie and Captain Marvel is no exception. You are passionate powerful and strong. Plus you can commendably rock a bodysuit, so suit up!


A Queen or King

Let’s be honest, Taurus, you think you are kind of royal. You are strong-minded, unyielding to change and love luxury. Conquer the party!


Devil + Angel

As the sign of the Twin; bring out your sweet and sassy side this Halloween with a split costume.


Cozy Bat

As the animal lover of the signs; you would love to dress up as any Halloween creature. This batty costume adds a touch of fun.


Simba (The Lion King)

He just can not wait to be king, just like your average Leo. Your motto this Halloween is Hakuna Matata.



This methodical type who loves helping others for the greater good; Peter Parker is very much a Virgo. Become your friendly neighbourhood spidey!


Peanut Butter & Jelly

The sign of partnership; whether it is with your BFF or significant other one thing is for sure, everyone will be super jelly,



This Annabelle costume - also known as possessed doll - will surely give your friends a spook. And it is comfy enough for you to party all night in.



This will be a good spine-chiller which this frightening realistic costume is sure to provide. You may not be a psychotic clown who lures children to their death but like pennywise you do use humor to cope with a lot of issues.


Gangsta Mama

Being so career-driven you will most likely forget about the holiday. You are probably boss at what you do. Channel that #BossLady energy into this sweet gangsta costume.


Unicorn Rider

As a unique individual, you would never show up as the third vampire at the party. People will not forget your cool costume and it will fulfill your 'riding a unicorn' fantasy.



As a lover of all things fantasy, you would love to escape into a magical place. While you cannot live in fantasy, you can dress up like something magical. And like a unicorn you are sweet, sensitive and rare - you could also get a sexy version.

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