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"People can not bring you down without your participation (Prophet Makandiwa)

I think this is the message that people were waiting for, when they were saying they were waiting for prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to confess his deceptive ways to people.

As I said it before prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is a man of God, and everybody was waiting for him to say some dirty things about himself, so I know that it was not going to happen, because if the man is not dirty, what is there for him to confess.

This is the man of God, there is no way in which he can be involved in all these are things that people have been saying. This is the man who is full of wisdom, and who knows how to put the records straight. So this message I believe is also a respond to what people have been trying to do in his life.

People can't bring you down without your participation and you participate in your own downfall by living a sinful lifestyle. Develop a godly character because it is the character that supports the gift not the gift supporting the character.

Most gifted Ministers will not make it to heaven because they have focused on gifts ignoring their characters.


By Daddy Emmanuel Makandiwa

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Emmanuel Makandiwa Makandiwa


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