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" I prayed for someone’s downfall, they got promoted at work "- Man says.

@Kokoleo_zn says there is someone who did him dirty, so he prayed for his downfall. He wanted him to lose his job and suffer, Instead he got promoted at his work play. He had to watch everybody congratulate that person, it was hard on him. He says he learnt his lesson, he will never pray for anyone's downfall, instead, he will let karma deal with them.

"The last time I prayed for someone’s downfall they got a promotion at work. I had to watch everybody on facebook congratulation them, never again. God works in mysterious ways." He tweeted.

"You didn’t pray hard enough. Next time meditate and go for a week without eating maybe God will answer your prayers." said @MpumzNgwenya.

"God doesn't answer to those kind of prayers, unless you are praying to Satan. We are all God's children. If someone offends you or does something bad to you, pray for them." Said Lee_Khuso.


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