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Faith at times its like cat and mouse.

Faith is believing in something that has not happened yet or not seen. That's how religion is faith, for without it in a religion then it's no religion. We have seen in most of our lives that eny religion that you may like to join, faith is needed. Faith is like a catalyst for healing, protection or enything that you seek. The Bible would say blessed is the one who has faith without seeing. Yet with so many beliefs out there in the world, religion is questionable and questioned. What do you believe in , what is your faith? When you begin to understand such questions, then you discover how the world began and how life started here on earth.

Some people believe in Ghost and while others believe in Demons. Both are spiritual beings that have been around us and have impacted people in different ways. While others believe in Aliens, then you will get those who believe in Angels who are included in the Bible and part of God's Word.

We spent our lives trying to find the truth in everything. Seeking a higher power and a purpose in to our existence as humans. Many believe that big Lizards once walked the earth. Bones where found, while others say that Giants ones walked the earth.

Faith can be like cat and mouse, the moment the cat thinks it got the mouse, The mouse would out smart the cat and there they go again. What I concluded is that, What you believe in, is where faith is and that's where you will defended it.

Faith in what so ever religion drives us to seek God and to walk with him

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