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Importance of understanding our spiritual world as gifted person

Our connection and understanding of the spiritual world depends upon our connectness to the ancestors. When we are born, we are more of spiritual beings than we are,when we are older.

This is because our minds are pure and uncorrupted by life, its complications and our opinions of it. As babies we are still closer to the Lord so we take what comes before us as it is and we ask no questions based on common sense and reason.

As we grow older we forget about our innocence and we lose it all as we try to live our own lives and form our own opinion of it.

We get lost in the busy life as we learn from life experiences and challenges. We tend to acquire new skills and listen to each and every technique that promises us better results in our lives.

As we acquire education and we learn what other people found and put together for us in order to shape us into what this world expects from us.

At this stage we lose the connection we have with our creator. We do things that other people expect us to do and then end up thinking the way society wants us to think.

At some stage we live our lives for others peoples’ expectations and forget about what is inside of us. Most we struggle because we forgot who we really are, spiritual journey is our path to finding who we really are. This group's name is- the journey of my soul.. the path to finding God within.. my calling

If you look at how I started this group, I started by writing about my life, the good and the bad - The journey of my soul.

Then I went to write about who is God, how we find him and remain in connection with him- the path to finding God within.

Then I also write about what I do in this lifetime, what I am called to do- my calling.

In order to understand your calling you need to find God within by questioning things that are happening in your life, the journey your soul travel. We all have purpose here, we didn't come just to fill the space find your God and find your way.

Kganya 👏

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