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What some church members were worshipping that has made people talk about it

The church is more than just a structure; it is the people who populate it. Until the advent of Christianity, our great-grandfathers had no idea what a church was.

Worship or prayers are the most fundamental aspects of all religions. There are numerous denominations and churches within Christianity, each with its own distinctive style of worship. 

These forms of worship can be quite strange at times. 

In a previous post, I described a church where the pastor prayed with a rifle while his congregation walked around with brooms and cutlasses.

So, let's get down to business and look at another form of worship that will astound you even more. 

After a strange video was posted on Facebook, many people were left speechless and perplexed. 

This strange video was shared on Facebook by a Ghanaian user named " Boateng." 

Members of an unidentified church can be seen in the video adoring and worshipping a dead goat mounted or crucified on a cross. 

It was even stranger because the entire congregation of this church was paying respects to this deceased goat. 

It appeared to be a scripted drama at first, but after a brief moment, I realized that what I was seeing was a real video.

When I saw how serious and enthusiastic these people were, I began to wonder what could have prompted them to worship in this manner. This video also shows people falling to the ground as if they were being dragged down by a powerful spiritual force. 

To be honest, I've seen a lot of unusual forms of worship, but this one is truly unique. Even if this goat is meant to be a representation of Jesus Christ, it appears to be quite evil. 

People who saw this video had a lot of negative reactions to it. 

Everyone was against this style of worship, including the pastor and the congregation.

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