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Little Boy Who Came With His Mom Starts Preaching In The Supermarket, Check What He Said

Many times, children achieve things that adults are unable to. Children are amazing beings that possess a wide range of skills and abilities. It is normal for a child to show off his or her talents, but parents have a duty to nurture their children so that they can follow their passions. Besides that, God can speak with his people in any way that is made available to him, whether it's through an adult or a youngster... A young child preaches in a supermarket in a video shared by King Tunde Ednut. The video is becoming a worldwide hit.

Others had to stand for several minutes as they watched and listened to the youngster who arrived with his mother reprimand others. According to his sermons, if you want to receive the glorious crown of heaven, you must always do good.

A "unstable connection with the Lord," according to the child in the video, is bad; rather, he says, one should revere the Lord. He went on to say that it's impossible to call yourself a Christian and go to a club, party, and go to church at the same time. In the course of his disclosures, Jesus revealed that God despises cheats and that there is a real heaven and hell rather than a false one. God loves people, he said, even though they behave in ways that go against his rules and commands.

The fact that "Jesus is the only way, truth and life" to the Lord was an added bonus. Jesus' remarks also acted as a reminder that, while he doesn't want anyone to die, if they keep on sinning, they would definitely end up in Hell. Nobody wants to spend eternity there, but he insisted that everyone must repent in order to avoid it. Observe him preaching in a grocery store, for instance.

When King Tunde Ednut posted this video on his Facebook page, many people, including celebrities like Broda Shaggi, voiced their opinions. The mother was praised and thanked by a great number of people for raising her son correctly. Many people believe that he was a channel through which God spoke to us. Here are a few screenshots of people's reactions and comments, as shown on the site:

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