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Discovering Your Calling

Lately we see a lot of young people being initiated and most of us think this is only for show or young people actually like things, but it's way more deeper than that. I am also on a journey to discovering my calling and I must admit it's not as glamorous or pretty as it looks. You wake up oneday and there is a whole lot of things going on in your life and you can barely understand anything, your next best solution is to seek answers from your elders, it could be your parents or your grandparents, well in my case I never had the luxury of growing up with my grandparents. Now I have questions that need to be answered by my parent's and they aren't giving me the support that I need. Most of us would attest that our parents think it's a way of us seeking attention or we are chasing after things that are far away from us. Now you left with the confusion of what's currently going on with your calling and if your parents truly don't know how to help you or they just don't want to. The first bold step I took was to go and consult just to find out what's going on with my life and my gift, I found out that more than anything the only person who can help you out with your gift is only 'You' and you have to take the first step of acceptance for things to go a little smoother, Thobela.

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