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The Video of A Pastor Caught Doing this To a Lady All in the Name of Deliverance Goes controversial

A popular YouTube channel Smart Ghana Tv posted a video of pastor kissing a lady in his church all in the name if deliverance. In his write up he said" pastor caught doing this to a lady all in the name of deliverance.

Source and Link: @SmartGhanaTV YouTube channel.

What a kiss A church pastor has been caught kissing a woman deeply while conducting deliverance on her as church members watch in amazement. The woman was seen moaning as demon was said derived out of her. This incident happened in Western part of Africa Ghana.

One strange thing in the video apart from the long kissing incident, was how a lady in a green top and black skirts alleged to be the pastors wife was jealously watching the deliverance with keen interest.

After this video was posted people was yelling on the pastor for his action while another asked: I wonder if he does the same to his male congregates?.

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