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The Lord Will Fight For You

God says in Romans 12:19, "Vengeance is mine." The Scripture is clear enough already that, we need not engage in any battle, for the battle is the Lord's.

I believe the only time we need to fight is when we are on our knees and praying. The bible says, we not against flesh and blood. Spiritual battles are fought through prayer. And as we pray, God stands in the battlefield on our behalf.

My aunt would, everything is spiritual. Whatever happens, starts in the spirit. So we have to fight in the spirit, in a sense of praying, then we'll the manifestation of what happened in the spirit and the results thereof.

Whatever happens to you in your life right now, it started in the spirit. You therefore need to focus on being spiritual as to be fervent in prayer. Praying is our strongest weapon of defeating the enemy. When we pray, we are saying to God, "here is a battle, please stand in for me. Please fight for me."

Can I get a little personal? I've had days where I felt like I've been alive for long and nothing has been happening. I felt like my life was stagnant. I also resorted to wanting to end my life as I saw no need to be alive.

God is amazing. You know, just when you think it's the end of you, just when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, God shows us. Just like that!

I came to realize that, we do not ask God to open our spiritual eyes when we pray and ask for some things. Our physical eyes just see what they want to see. Unless we change our mindsets and ask God for spiritual eyes to see His Grace, Mercy and Goodness behind the pain that our physical eyes sees, we will think God is not there because all our physical eyes will be seeing is pain.

Most of us are at our lowest points in life. From being unemployed, to seeing your peers progressing and succeeding. I know the feeling. It pushes us to doubt God. We ask ourselves, why is God not blessing us as well, why is He not opening doors for us too.

Not only encouraging you but myself as well. God will fight for you. All we need to do is allow Him to stand in for us. Move away from the battlefield. Give God that position. He says, I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. YOU JUST NEED TO BE STILL.

Can we just be still and allow Him to be God in our lives? After all, He is a Mighty Warrior, Great in Battle, Jehovah is His name. There is a sure guarantee that He will come out victorious for you. He will never lose, He will never fail. He is forever faithful.

If you didn't know, God is with you and for you. We can never hide or run away from His presence. The bible says, the Lord is near the broken hearted.

I later got to understand the Scripture that says, "weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in morning." In our night times, it feels like our minds get flooded. We think about everything, and I mean literally everything.

But most of those thoughts are not pleasant ones because we end up crying ourselves to sleep. Like, God where are you when I'm suffering so much? Where are you, I'm in pain.

I'd love to encourage us and say, it's only a matter of time. Nothing is impossible. Let's push as much as we can. I know it's easier said than done but let's just try. God is watching. He hears and He sees.

He says in His Word that, our tears don't fall in vain. He stores and records our tears. And one day, every tear will count and will be paid for it. I pray that God lifts up that heavy burden, off of your shoulders and relieve you of all the pain you've carried and had to endure all you living years.

God will fight the battle for you. You are not alone. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. You are chosen. You are of a royal priesthood. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb. God called you by name. You are created in God's image. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is the same power in you.

God loves you so much. He loved you before you loved Him. He had you in mind years and years ago, before you were even conceived.

Can we say this prayer together,

Heavenly Father, in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ, I humble myself under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I praise You for You are Holy and so Worthy. Thank You for being my God.

Please forgive me of all my sins. Those that I know, those that I don't know, and those that I've forgotten. I pray and humbly ask that You wash me in the blood of the Lamb. Cleanse me and make me over again.

I surrender Lord. Fight for me as You never lose. I believe that I am victorious through You. I thank You Lord that You have heard my prayer. I will patiently, expectantly and humbly await Your response. AMEN.

May God bless you and your reading of these encouraging words. I love you. God loves you more. Be still and know that He is God.



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