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A prophetic word on how God will destroy the chains of covid19 (Pastor Abbey Maponya)

I don't know whether the man of God is right or wrong, though we are told by the Bible to test the all Spirits, but certain utterances, we better leave them to God. Sometimes you may try to test the spirit, only to realise that your testing was not in the spirit of the spirit that is speaking. So now they end up being a misunderstanding between your flesh and the spirit that is sparking. The confusion is when you don't realise that you are actually judging this prophetic word in the flesh, but your emotions somehow mislead you, thinking that you were in the spirit. This is why the Bible says, the spiritual man, judges all things because, the spiritual man can judge the physically and can also judge the spiritual.

The spiritual man has got eyes that are not limited, has got eyes that see things in all dimensions. So the man of God is released this word, I know that a lot of people, if revelation is not in the way that they understand it, the way that were taught from the Bible schools, it may not be accepted.

According to their own in the interpretation of the scriptures. Eschatology says this, and the prophetic word is a saying another thing. One thing that you must know when it comes to end times, they were prophesied by the written word of God, which means they are the prophecies that exist within the written word then, but God can still speak the word for now.

The written word is the word that He spoke then, so if God can still speak now, it means He can even change the past. He can even change the word then by the word now.

Just go through the prophetic word below and let's continue to be prayerful against coronavirus.

Prophetically Covid will be destroyed by God's word and prayer. There is a brewing prayer well stirred by the Lord to destroy a devil 😈sponsored global pandemic. Its not time to lament about satanic new world order. Its time to sent a robust war into the camp of the enemy.

If u study Christ finished word of the cross, you will observe a thorny crown on Christ head. A crown in Latin meaning Corona, thorns symbolizing vaccines. Christ blood defeated all new world order pandemic agendas. Rise your warfare standard and subdue these pandemic under Christ feet. Their manipulation of waves will end, not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

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