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Declare these prayers upon yourself for help and favour from God this month end

Goodmorning my dear companions. We say thanks to God for carrying us to another wonderful day which end up being the second day in the long stretch of december. We appeal to God for God's heavenly assistance and favor in this month . Go along with me as we read the sacred book of scriptures and implore together. 

Book of scriptures VERSES. 

1.Philibian 4:6-7 

"Try not to be restless with regards to anything, yet in each circumstance, by supplication and appeal, with thanksgiving, present your solicitations to God. Furthermore, the tranquility of God, which rises above all agreement, will watch your hearts and your psyches in Christ Jesus" . 

2.Deuteronomy 28:6 

"You will be honored when you come in and favored when you go out" . 

3.Numbers 23:19 

"God isn't human, that he should lie, not an individual, that he should alter his perspective. Does he talk and afterward not act? Does he guarantee and not satisfy? 


- for the sake of the dad and of the child and of the Essence of God. All-powerful dad, thank you for your endowment of life . Much obliged to you for making it feasible so that us might be able to see this new month, be thou magnified in Jesus name. 

- Abba Father in your name we announce and proclaim this period of december will be an ideal month for us. Our heavenly aides will find us, in Jesus name. 

- Father in your name we pronounce we will have no justifiable excuse to be tragic nor stress. This month will be the long stretch of festivity for us in Jesus name. 

- Father, you are the God that never come up short, what you say you will do you will do. Father in your name we pronounce the favors of Deuteronomy part 28 upon our lives, in Jesus name. 

- Omnipotent God, in your we pronounce the guarantees and security of song 91 upon our lives in this period of december . No malevolent will come our courses in Jesus name. 

- Heavenly Father, we are our submitting the Travelers into your consideration, particularly during the yuletide season,father we appeal to God for ventures leniencies. Any impediment on the streets we remove them in Jesus name. 

- Father we supplicate as we start the new month in your name, so will we see its finish, in Jesus name. Not a single one of us will bite the dust rashly for the sake of Jesus name. 

- Father we implore in the period of december, all our holding up days are finished. We come against any soul of deferrals and stagnation in our lives. In your name we proclaim divine assistance and favor upon our lives in this month in Jesus name. 

- Thank you father, for with Thanksgiving with present our supplications solicitation to you. For the sake of the dad and of the child and of the Essence of God. 

Guarantee these supplications upon yourself by remarking with 'So be it or wonder to Jesus'.

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