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People Of Saturn: Their Traits And Behaviour

Reference (s): Opinion And Astro-Numerology Perspective/ analysis

Spiritual Greetings 🙏

This article is about Saturn and the people most under the influence of Saturn. 

Attributes and behaviour of people under most influence of Saturn:

 - they generally age slower than most people

 - they appear younger looking for their real age

 - they usually live longer than most people

 - as children they are wiser for their age

 - they have a reserved personality

 - they are usually introverts

 - they are over-thinkers

 - they are more understanding than most people

 - generally more intelligent than most

 - during their adult years usually remain single longer than others

 - in marriage they are very sweet and loving gentle souls

 - they are generally either very wealthy or very poor finances wise

 - late acheivers, they attain success in their letter years


If you are not attracted to intelligence, wisdom and knowledge in a person then you may not enjoy the company of such people born under influence of Saturn. 

Career paths and occupation suited for such people born under influence of Saturn include: 

 - iron and steel industry

 - mining industry

 - anything to do with roads

 - anything to do with taxi and transport industry

 - locksmith services

 - car manufacturing

 - car repairs

 - car rentals

 - academia

 - tutor, teacher, lecturer, professorship

 - research

 - journalism

 - information systems

 - management, CEO

 - sage, wisdom keeper

 - herbalist, traditional medicine man/ woman

 - spiritual healing

 - western medicine, nursing

 - psychiatry, psychology

Saturn refers to planet Saturn.

Saturn is one of the 9 celestial bodies, or planetary bodies, on which both Numerology and Astrology are based. 


Planet Saturn is the slowest moving of all the celestial bodies; thus incorporating this energy of slow transit into the lives of those born under it's influence. Slow physical ageing, slow speech, slow to react, slow to act, slow to achieve success - reasons for such people born under influence of planet Saturn being the way they are. 

This as per Astro-Numerology. 

How to identify such people born under the influence of planet Saturn?

You are under strong planetary influence of Saturn if you tick any of the following:

 - you were born between 21rd December and 19th January

 - you were born on the 8th of any month

 - you were born on the 17th of any month

 - you were born on the 26th of any month

If this is you then you are wise beyond your years yet you look younger in appearance relative to your real age. 

You dislike mediocrity and enjoy intelligent conversation, researching and sharing knowledge with others.

You come across much hardships in your life and attaining success is a consistent struggle for you.

In matters of dating, love and romance as well as relationships in general you are most compatible with person or persons born on anyone of the days; 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th of any month.

This has been an Astro-Numerology and closer look into such people influenced by planet Saturn.

Thank you for reading.

Love & Light! 🙏

*19 Years Experience As An Astro-Numerologist

* @Spirituall_And_Name_Numerology

Content created and supplied by: Spirituall_And_Name_Numerology (via Opera News )



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