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4 Things That Satan Fears Most, It Is Not Your Prayers

We are engaged in a spiritual conflict rather than a physical one, according to the Bible. Satan is the enemy of believers; he kills, steals, and destroys them. But thank God, He has given us victory through Him, so we need not worry. The following are the things the devil looks at before attacking you:

Your conviction that God exists

Satan will constantly try to confuse you with what you already know to be true before attacking you. He begged Jesus to turn the stone into bread because he was the son of God. Satan is constantly interested in whether you actually believe in and understand your God or whether you are just stating what you don't understand.

You must have faith in God and be convinced that He is the Mighty One who has all authority.

2. Your familiarity with the Bible

Satan is compared to an ancient snake in the Bible. He tested Jesus with verses from the Bible because he was familiar with it. God's word can be used to entice you, and if you don't understand, you'll be open to his attacks. You must accurately comprehend the Bible as a Christian by the work of the Holy Spirit. Don't think Satan doesn't know the Bible.

3. Whether you hold a position of authority or not

"Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you," the Bible states in James 4:7. If you wish to battle Satan, you must submit to God and acknowledge that He is the only one who has the power in heaven and on earth.

Jesus used the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out demons and heal people, which indicates that he was working in accordance with God's will. You'll need the assistance of a higher power if you attempt to defeat Satan on your own.

4. The state of your spirituality

Some people's spiritual lives are dead; the devil will attack you if you don't pray, read the Bible, and live a good life. Why? Spiritual conflict is handled in the same way as the military handles terrorism. To defeat the devil when he tries to attack us at any time, we must pray, read the Bible, and lead moral lifestyles, much as the army practices and maintains a routine that keeps them in shape to be prepared in case there is an emergency.

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