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Seven churches in the world that do not worship God

Where God is venerated goes to our psyches at whatever point we hear the expression "church". Individuals have taken that term excessively far. They figure the congregation ought to likewise be ascribed to the love of different things. 

The Congregation of Yeezus 

This is a congregation where Kanye West is being loved. The admirers love him each Sunday at an undisclosed area. 

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Beast 

This Congregation was shaped by Bobby Henderson in 2005. The author needs "clever plan" to be educated in state funded school. 

Church of Satan 

The Congregation of Satan is devoted to the love of Satan. The admirers guarantee not to consider Satan to be a divine being. They are significant level nonbelievers who have faith in the love of character. The Congregation was established in 1966 by Anton Szandor. 

The Worldwide Church of Weed 

The Global Church of Pot considers weed to be a sacrosanct material. The said substance illuminates their soul. 

The Congregation of Maradona 

This is where Maradona, the extraordinary footballer, is being venerated. It was established in 1998. 

The Congregation of the Contemporary Fella 

This Congregation was established in 2005 by Oliver Benjamin. Oliver was a columnist situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Congregation has extended throughout the long term. They have appointed more than 450,000 Ministers worldwide and directed legitimate relationships in the US. 

The Congregation of Wicca 

The Congregation and School of Wicca was established in 1968 by Gavin Ice and his better half. 

The expression, "church", presently means numerous things in our reality. It isn't what it used to be once more. Individuals have characterized it for themselves.

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