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Painful || "Good riddance". Where will the congregation run to for help when pastors are doing this?

Pastors are regarded by most churchgoers' as spiritual fathers. They are there to guide, take heed to fellow worshippers' problems and give relevant advices or come up with necessary solutions.

The pastor has the best opportunity to keep the challenge of evangelism in front of the people. New believers and young churches start with an outward evangelistic focus, but that passion dissipates without intentional efforts to keep it high. The pastor can take that lead. The church will do what the pastor does, and not do what the pastor doesn’t do. In a nutshell, pastors should lead by example.

Astonishingly, there are pastors who have turned into abusers, molesters and killers among others. They have coerced many people to paint all pastors with the same brush because of their wrongdoings. ...

With regard to pastors who have tarnished the good name and work of the Lord, another one is behind bars for the murder of Nokuthula Mabaso who was only 40 years old when she lost her life. She was the 'Abahlali BaseMjondolo' activist. The deceased was sadly assassinated at eKhanana squatter camp in Cato Manor, Durban while returning from a meeting.

Nokhuthula's assassination came after shortly after another activist named Ayanda Ngiba was shot and killed in the same squatter camp. The arrested priest is a businessman. He and his accomplices wanted to destroy the eKhanana squatter camp and use the land to make profitable businesses.

Not all pastors are doing the work of God. Some of them are accomplishing the devil's assignments, in fact they are ritual killers. Ritual killing is like paying tithe to the devil. It works the same way as paying tithe to your pastor's works.

Just as the first job of any government is to protect lives and property, the first job of any religion is to save lives, not only here on earth but even beyond. If your religion is in the business of taking lives, you are probably following the wrong religion.

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