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The famous prophet revealed a sh0cking revelation on Electricity and cell phones

We are living in the world where almost everything is done in the digital platforms. Almost everyone having access to online platforms and people tend to do everything online unlike what they used to do back then where there was no digital electronics. Nowadays it's very rare for people to meet in person but rather use the digital electronics to communicate.

The digital electronics together with social media has taken the world since almost everyone is always holding their phones. People cannot even have a normal conversation like they used to back then and some have opted to even buy grocery online rather than going straight to the shop.

It is without a doubt that digital platforms has caused laziness among young people even though to some it has brought business opportunities and money. Due to addiction of social media and cell phone among youthful people, it becomes a problem when there is load shedding or electricity cut off. Some people cannot even live without their phones and it becomes a problem when there is no electricity or when the certain places experience load shedding.

The famous prophet has revealed on his Twitter account to that the electronic devices are a huge problem in our lives. The prophet went further and revealed that when the electricity is off, people become peaceful cuz they have all their time off social media and their cell phones. The famous prophet concluded by saying that the high usage of social media radiation blocks people out of their soul enlightenment. The prophet further advised and that people should take advantage when the electricity is off and meditate.

People couldn't agree more with the prophet that it is indeed a true that the digital devices are taking our time that is meant for me meditation. Instead of relaxing people rather spend the time on their devices.

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