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Self Proclaimed Prophet RA revealed another revelation on number that people were not aware of

Known for his controversial forecasts, which he publishes on a daily basis on his Twitter account, the world-renowned prophet is creating quite a stir on social media. Following the murder of Shona Ferguson in July, the self-proclaimed prophet has risen to popularity and has amassed an impressive 128k followers on Twitter alone, making him the most followed person on the social media platform. His social media networks continue to be followed by a large number of people who want to stay up to date on what is currently happening in the country, particularly in the spiritual realm.

Few hours ago, The famous prophet shed tears on his Twitter account once more, this time explaining to the country regarding the number 2222. According to the famous prophet, the number 2222 appears in your life when you need it the most, particularly to help you to maintain a positive attitude in your life. The famous provide further explained that through the number 2222, angels from heaven are trying to tell you you are not alone and they have been watching and are currently watching over you.

The prophet followers added in the comments sections regarding his revelation of the number. A follower added that the number also means you should stop worrying everything is working out. RA agreed with the follower. Other followers have also revealed that they have been seeing different numbers in the dreams. The other phone was also revealed that he saw the number three times a week.

However that's according to the famous perfect explanation and those who believes in him should follow. Those who it doesn't believe in his revelation should stop criticizing and allow those who follows to be guided.

What are your thoughts on the famous prophet revelation on 2222? Drop your comments below and to follow us for more updates.

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