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Legends your duties will always be remembered and the impact you created on others will reflect

Mutodi, thank you for sharing your talent with us! You will never be forgotten!

Dr. Tibane, thank you for writing the books that changed my life! Especially Do It Because You Can! Your gift was to reach people in a way not many could! Your work was transformative. We thank God for the time you shared with us.

Dr J Tibane God never fails ministry( GNF) has lot a teacher a tougher.. It is a sad news. Bishop ND we pray for you for your lost of your own .. We will forever miss you from all of us from GNF.

Dr John Tibane was a force to reckon with. His words will continue to tough millions of lives. The champion has rested.

Legends! Your duties will always be remember and the impact you created on others will reflect. Was still looking forward to see him on screens.They both lived a splendid life.

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Do GNF J Tibane God John Tibane Tibane


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