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Before God takes you to a certain level, He makes sure that He tests you

Opinion and teachings from scriptures/Psalm 139: 22-24, Proverbs 17: 1-3, Jeremiah 17: 10, Luke 11:27-28

God does not look at the outside character to take you somewhere rather He will test your actions looking unto your thought.

For God to put you in a test it is not nice, just as gold has to go through a furnace.

God will never allow you to reach somewhere without being tested, otherwise you will wont be strong.

Allow God to test you, dont just cry for blessings, when God tests you He Will be checking your faithfulness and focus on what you believe in.

God brings a test until you become what He wants you to become.

In a furnace, there are things that must be removed from you.

Before you become what God wants you to be, He makes sure that all that has been built in you by others is destroyed.

To be tested is not easy

Christians who are not tested are bound to change character when they are blessed.

Blessings will never come to people who are cold today and hot tomorrow. When you are not tested enough anything that comes your way gives you direction.

God tests you to break you, melt you and then creates you to be what He wants you to be.

Many of us need to enter a place where God can cook us better to become what He wants us to be.

The pressure you feel when you are facing challenges is there to remove wrong people from your life.

When God wants to do something with you, he starts with you and not people around you.

When you are in a test, all the streams that bring water dry up, you pray to the one who is testing you and He will keep quite because He is the one who is testing you for a purpose.

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Jeremiah Luke


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