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You May Not Be Aware But You’ve Hurt Me To The Core

I have been sitting in the dining room thinking about this, and it hurts to even think about it. Surely this time you’ve really hurt me to the core, I mean how am I going to get through this? How can I forget what you have done to me, my family? I have never felt like this from the day I set my foot on this earth.

Today I know how Adam and Eve felt when they find out that Cain has slaughtered their son Abel on Genesis 4: 8 (KJV) , and I can even go further to say; I know the pains Jotham felt when he witnessed Abimelech slaughter his brothers on Judges 9: 5 (KJV). I mean he was expecting safety and protection from his big brother Abimelech, but he got the opposite.

Can you imagine what the Almighty God felt when he witnessed us crucifying his only begotten son on the cross on Luke 23: 32-34 (KJV)? Can anyone even heal from this? Where do you start with the process of healing? There will never be words enough to describe the feeling of the one who has just lost the beloved one through death

John 11: 33-35 (KJV) states; Jesus Christ was groaning in the spirit, troubled and he cried just by hearing, and seeing people crying for the death of the person he loved. King David on 2 Samuel 12: 15-16 (KJV) cried bitterly, fasted and slept on the floor for just knowing his son is about to die, and that is almost how we feel when you hurt us like this, please, be slow to anger, before you hurt innocent people who’ve got nothing to do with your issues.

How can you use these same hands you use to eat to also shed blood of innocent people? You have shattered our hearts, and you may not be aware but you have hurt us to the core. We will never be the same again, but I pray that our God intervene and heal our soul because we need him more than ever. You shall not kill, it is the commandment of God respect and honour it, Exodus 20: 13 (KJV).

(Images attached are for illustration purpose and I downloaded them from Google). Feel free to leave your comment.

Lord Jesus Christ is my God, and I did not say yours because to you he might be a prophet or something else.

Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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