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Goliaths forehead and believers victory secret, Prophet Makandinwa

Goliath's forehead and believer's victory secret, Prophet Makandinwa

The story of Goliath, the Philistine warrior and giant has been told a million times in books and pulpits all over the world but Prophet Emmanuel Makandinwa brings a fresh angle in his unusual prophetic perspectives. The prophet related the exposed forehead of Goliath's in David-led victory for the nation of Israel and how a believer can have victory over every life situation today.

Goliath and David encounter tells of God's divine intervention in the affairs of men especially when the enemy boasts and arrogates power to himself as Goliath did to the mighty army of Israel. Yet, God is not without a remnant who would stand up to them and protect the integrity of God. 

Against all David, barely a teenager challenged what men of his brothers" age dreaded. He rose to the occasion and won victory for the army that had been defeated in their minds.

This is the context of Prophet Makandinwa's prophetic teaching on Goliath. According to the Zimbabwean Prophet, Goliath represents your enemy. The interesting part is that just like Goliath in the Bible had a space within his forehead where David's slingshot could penetrate, the man of God showed us that 'every Goliath has an exposed forehead.'

David was able to see hrough the exposed forehead of Goliath by divine guidance, every situation in your life right now has it weakest point from which you can deal it a blow of defeat. What it is needed is the divine ability to discern the point do that you aim your shot to victory and success.

Prophet Makandinwa gave us a word of prophetic prayer for that purpose. Hear him;

"God is blessing you with the ability to discover the weakest point of your situation."

It is a supernatural experience that requires a believer to shift in the spirit through prayers and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

The man of God also gave a word of power for this kind of shift declaring;

"You are shifting into the supernatural in everything you do!"


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