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"Problem with Iconography of a White Messiah, it gives one colonial nation advantage over the other

It is not the Bible that has given the African land away to the whites. People right now like Chinese are continuing to occupy our lands. If you go throughout Southern Africa, you realise that there are many Chinese people that have been given land, because there is no land in China. It is a mountaineous country. So are these governments giving land to Chinese and white because of the Bible. Is the bible involved or it is a political failure?

So this thing is just a nonsense, it does not have any logic in it. They're just using the Bible to defend their religions and beliefs. If a person wants to pursue what they want to pursue, but seeing God as a stumbling block, they start to use the Bible errors to get God out of their way, so that they can have a freedom, this is so pathetic.

"There's a problem with Iconography of a White Messiah, for it gives one colonial nation advantage over the owners of the texts (Afrikans) & that is theological misrepresentation."

~Maponga Joshua III

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