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Prayer: Gracious Father, Bless Sinners With Salvation, Also Revive And Restore The Backsliders

"Wilt thou not revive us, so thy people may be glad in thee?" Psalm 85:6

In spiritual terms, revival implies that there has been a period of backsliding. To put it another way, when individuals lose their spiritual zeal, the necessity for revival becomes unavoidable. Revival is a term used in 

Christianity to describe an increase in spiritual interest or rebirth in the life of a congregation or church, whether locally or globally. This is not to be confused with the evangelistic gatherings that churches hold in order to save lost souls. In Jesus' name, may the Lord resurrect His church.

What happens when there is a revival? When revival arrives, people, according to our Bible reading today, turn away from their wrongdoing. Among the backslidden, salvation becomes a commonplace commodity, and God's wrath against His people subsides. The people of Nineveh are mentioned in Jonah 3:4-10 as an example of revival. One of the nice things about God is that He will constantly warn sinners and backsliders so that they can repent and avoid His flaming judgment.

"But if the wicked will turn from all his crimes, and obey all my precepts, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, and he shall not die," the Bible declares. All of his misdeeds will not be remembered against him; he will live because of the righteousness that he has done. Is it any pleasure to me that the wicked perish? "And not that he should come from his ways and live?" Ezekiel 18:21-23

Another thing that happens when revival comes is that, contrary to popular belief, God answers the prayers of sinners. However, as witnessed in the example of Manasseh in 2 Chronicles 33:12-13, God honors the petition of repentance above all others. Revival is a process that restores both spiritual and bodily health. People turning fully away from their previous wicked habits and turning a fresh leaf of godliness is the ultimate indication of revival (2 Chronicles 33:15-17).

This is in stark contrast to what we see in the church today, when many claim to be born-again yet continue to practice their old sinful lives and habits. According to 2 Chronicles 33:18-20, Manasseh died a repentant sinner who lived in peace. It doesn't matter how you start; it's how you finish that counts.

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