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Spiritual person must work with your ancestors you will never go wrong

If you're spiritual person and gifted one normalize to interview your ancestors by asking them questions. Especially when it comes to know traditional herbs, medicine and healing waters.

Ask them what does this use for, ask does it works or not . ask exit true this works. I'm hearing people saying this about this herbs . I want to confirm with if indeed it's true they will answer you perfect weather it's true or not that's how I get to know the purpose of the traditional herbs by asking them.

So I can know the truth and get confirmation from them before I can tell you or give some one the remedy to use.

My ancestors must guide you too gifted people do the same, ask questions, don't rely on other prophet opinion or their remedies without your ancestors.

Confirm that yes indeed this works or they will even educate you further more by saying if you take this one and mix with this one heals or help something.

They will even warn you not to use things because of things. ask your ancestors question don't be scared don't use other prophet or traditional healer remedy without your ancestors confirm.

Or without their concerns that way you will never go wrong with healing and giving the right medication to the people.if you're spiritual person work hand to hand with your ancestors you will never go wrong.

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