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According to your star sign these are your unexpected behavior patterns in life



The type to be like "stop making me laugh I'm angry/upset" but is the very same person who actively and even aggressively tries to make a friend laugh when they're feeling down


Tend to have some kind of signature aesthetic, like this scarf or hat they always wear with every outfit even though it doesn't match or maybe always having headphones in and that is their own personality trend


Accidentally overshares but has little shame over it or maybe they are very quick to come to terms with what just happened like "Welp (well in slang) I really just said "That" and try to make light of it, humor solves everything


Both youthful and somehow emanating wisdom at the same time. It is the lunar way. One second they seem naive or simple.... maybe doing something like canceling plans for mandatory naptime or meals. In the next moment, they are the most supportive, knowledgeable and profound in the way that they spread love and express emotions like they are an ancient at heart


Very proud of the nobility and just who they are overall while still being so affectionate to everyone around them. They prove you can love yourself and love everyone else, not just one or the other


Indulges in the simple pleasures of life. Catch them reading a book all day, sipping a warm drink at a cafe or maybe buying notebooks and stationery and other things they perceive as useful but end up never using. The true hoarder


Always trying to make things better for family and friends with an optimistic or determined attitude, like a personal psychologist. The LIBRA moon effect in relieving others of their qualms even without trying, sometimes their presence and positive approach to situations alone gives others hope


In their eyes, everyone they care about has an unknown, unseen contract binding them to SCORPIO moon, where they vow to always protect and defend them. "I will die for you, but also, I would kill for you"


Amazing story tellers that you just uplift your mood. Adds emotions to make the stories more vibrant and intriguing. SAGITTARIUS is the type to tell these stories of fantasies and myths but for a brief moment it all seems so real, like it really happened


Extremely supportive, but in a blunt kind of way. They know all too well and use experience to become the voice of GUIDANCE to others. "I want to help you achieve your truest potential so that you don't have to hear from what I tell myself everyday." They love being proud of you


An easygoing friendliness hiding a solemn temperament. They are mad geniuses and they are the types to have inspirational sparks that cause impulse to chat and spill thoughts. And so, they are aloof in that they treat everyone universally with a playful distant exterior during the day, but certainly the kind to come over in the night during these sparks and go on about existential tangents they have and only trust you to hear


Is the type to have emphathies that know no bounds and manifest dreams of saving and healing into reality. You see them in vague blurs, they take on those roles in life that have a profound impact on people and the world, yet receive no attraction and they are ok with that, it is the "humble" aspect of any PISCES influence

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