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Many Africans Believe We Are Using Charms Because That Is How They Live - Bishop David

At the "Special Feet Washing Service" mid-week service, Living Faith Church Worldwide General Overseer Bishop David Oyedepo addressed. Aristotle once stated God's folly is wiser than men, and God's flimsiness is stronger than mankind. In other words, "My ways and thinking are superior than yours." Tonight, let's open up to God's higher ways by connecting with His Word. Proofs are only doubted by fools. The proofs that validate puzzles are what matter. Unless Heaven's confirmation, any mystery is bogus.

God's methods aren't lesser; they're higher than our ways, according to what he said about Unveiling The Mysteries Of Feet Washing. That explains why experts have had no luck in tracking it down. Whatever comes down from on high is supreme. Because just as the sky rises higher than the ground, so do God's ways and ideas."

Moreover, God's understanding is superior, and it isn't available in the realm of the living, according to him. It's incomprehensible to the rest of nature's intelligentsia. As a result, He added that a natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God because they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them since they are only understandable by spiritual people; men and women who are filled with the spirit.

"Many Africans believe you must be doing some magic, that it is impossible," he remarked about your ministry today, because that's how they live. Let's face it; in reality, I am well-aware that everyone is engaging in charm offensive behavior." Why? He has no idea how to fix it. However, it is the unadulterated reality of God in action. It was then shown that a ministry that has been crisis-free for 40 years cannot be fought; there is no end to the number of miracles, signs and peace that have come from it.

He then explained to them that nothing they did or did not do in accordance with biblical instructions had any effect on God. It has an impact on us all. There isn't a single biblical commandment that serves God's purposes. He doesn't have anywhere to put any benefit. God, he asserted, never forces obedience on anybody. Instead, obedience is a personal choice. Use your knowledge and experience, but not to determine what is and isn't true when it comes to the quotation or your age when it comes to faith. You have no business being in this position. The highest level of knowledge is that of a novice when it comes to spiritual matters.

His final words were: It is God's knowledge hidden in mysteries that leads us to our magnificent end, therefore embrace it! When God began to reveal the anointing oil mystery through this ministry, there was war. The entire country was at war. Then, all of a sudden, their eyes were opened, and they began lugging oil barrels about town. "When God talks to me through His written word, I listen. Notice that I never answered or reacted? I was having so much fun in the Spirit, that I didn't notice? "he asserted, saying.

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