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We are walking in our ancestors footprints

Just wanted to talk about the “English names “ and “Afrikaans names “ that we carry or our forefathers carried/named.

Most of our ancestors worked for themselves and others for white people, most grandmothers who worked at the kitchens/Hotels or were maids to the white people they worked for.

Ended up having a good relationship with them and that’s why our grandmothers came to name us names like “Jeannette/Elizabeth/Mary/Samantha etc) / (Abraham/Stephen/Noah/Thomas/Benjamin/Gerald/Joe Joseph etc you see those English/Afrikaans names.

They carry weight in your lineage/life. These are the names the white grandmothers/Grandfathers who took care of our grandmothers and grandfathers and blessed them with nice food , cakes. clothes,moneyetc to share with other family members who were struggling.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers in return healed those white people with herbs and even taught them our spiritual way of living.

There is a reason why when one carry such names, they dream of “WHITE PEOPLE AND WATER 💦” a lot , they dream of water spirit and other water creatures or beings or tend to find a lot of peace at the ocean 🌊 or they long for the ocean etc . 

Some of you have had the privilege of going overseas 🌎 or deeper AFRICA . even worked/stayed there for some time because of these names .

The ancestors drawing you closer to where they come from before coming to AFRICA or crossing over to other countries (UK/US/China etc)or are places they have traveled 🧳 to heal people.

That is why in most of our ancestors possessions, there are old 🎖, coins 🪙 from different countries etc. Know your ancestors because they have stories to tell you. Hence the saying “WE ARE WALKING 🚶‍♂️ IN THE FOOTPRINTS 👣 OF OUR ANCESTORS “👏🏿👏🏿

Ancestors differ and things differ in the spiritual realm. One can dream of a white person and the interpretation can be a spiritual partner and to others it’s ANCESTORS.munderstand your dreams because to some ancestors white people really messed up a lot and to others they did build 🤝. 

There’s a lot of knowledge out there we can all share, let us lead each other accordingly based on what the ancestors are saying, let us unite and rebuild what belonged to our forefathers. We are spiritual people, we just live in a more modernised way☺️.

We are all destined for something, we are all called to heal our ancestors, know them and learn to communicate with them, not that you have to Thwasa, unless you are called and you know who is calling 📞 you 👏🏿👏🏿.

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Abraham Afrikaans English Samantha


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