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"Christianity is responsible for more bloodshed and atrocities than any other religion: Opinion

These people are mixing two things that do not have a relationship at all, politics and the Bible. Just because the colonizers used the Bible to possess our land and to manipulate our ancestors, it does not mean that the Bible belongs to them, or it was written by them.

The Bible is the book of God, the misunderstanding is caused by ignorant people who don't know the difference between a religion and believers. The reason why the Jews were fighting Jesus, and the reason why the Romans and the Greeks were fighting Jesus, it was because Jesus was not religious. The people that followed Jesus were not religious, they were spiritual.

They did not approve him because he did not follow the pattern of their religion. So people are mistaken and they are forcing believers to be defined as religious, yet it is not religion, believing is spirituality. So it is just an excuse to persecute the church, but anywhere the Bible has prophesied about this thing and the true believers are ready.

I will never support a religion that commits atrocities like this. Christianity is responsible for more bloodshed than any other religion. Yes, including Islam.

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