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Breaking feared Seer releases Passion Java death prophecy

A South african-based prophet who is well known for accurately prophesying of prominent people, natural disasters, elections results and almost every happening around the world has struck again with a death prophecy for flamboyant Zimbabwean born USA based Prophet passion Java.

Mellontik Orasi as he is affectionately known by multitudes of his followers across the world,is a man of his word, very precise in prophecies and so accurate.

For the past week the prophet has been coming on social media warning Passion Java about his conduct and telling him to restrain from showing off ,and flooding money in South Africa as he say this will lead him to be gunned down by South African robbers.

According to the prophet passion Java who be gunned down in South Africa, if he walks around getting large amounts of money passion Java was on record seen displaying 2 million of cash in rands who was also seen on record blowing 1.3 million on alcohol in a tavern in South Africa become a word the streets.

This accurate prophet reiterated his words and he said he have given enough advice to Passion Java and very soon he'll be making headlines in South Africa. Passion Java is a person who is well-known for his comedy and the person who doesn't listen to another person

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