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PRAYER: Lord, May Your Presence Accompany Me In All My Ways Today

There are plenty of occasions in life when people feel hopeless and dissatisfied. Maybe you went on a job interview and it didn't work out, or maybe you went on a business trip and came back feeling like you wasted your time and money. It's possible that you visited someone who was unwell in the hospital and felt let down by what you saw. Such travels are abundant in life.

Two of Jesus's followers made this kind of trip. What had happened had made them feel hopeless, disillusioned, sad, and frustrated. And while they were talking and debating, Jesus came up to them and joined them. They were talking about Jesus, and for some reason it interested Jesus. The talk centered around him.

You can trust that Jesus will draw near to you on your journey if you focus solely on Him. Instead of treating Him like a silent observer to your conversations, give Him a chance to join in. If you let Him be the focus of your thoughts and conversation, he will keep your heart warm all day long.

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