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I almost forgot that I am a child of God

I love holiness. I am all about holiness. And please, make no mistake, I am not claiming to have reached a higher level of holiness. I am simply implying that I love holiness and I aspire to bring glory to God in the way I live and conduct myself. I write a lot about things that are just hard. Mostly It’s just things that the Holy Spirit convicts me of, and I feel a need to share in case it may sober someone up too.


With that being said, lately, I have been prompted to go back to the basics and have one truth engraved in my heart – I am a child of God! Just that simple yet hard to comprehend truth. I am a child of God. That is something we say lightly, throw around, but never really believe when we have to. With words, I strongly believe that I am a child of God. Theologically, I am certain that through my union with Christ, I have been given the privilege to be called a child of God (John 1:12).


This is objective truth. But oftentimes it doesn’t feel objective, I know for me it doesn’t. I know that God loves me as a father but sometimes I just have a hard time processing that. It comes naturally to us to trust our earthly parents because they have nurtured us since we were infants, they dedicated their lives to serving us and just being parents. We can see them, touch them, ask them about their plans and will for us, and have them answer us instantly. A relationship with God is a bit different, we cannot see God or even have Him answer us in a matter of seconds.


This makes our dependence on Him a bit sketchy. We are humans, we want instant gratification, we want instant replies, heck! we even cancel people for replying after an hour. We are an instant generation, we want to be in control, we want to know the exact time and date. Our relationship with God requires us to have faith. Faith means I don’t know the exact time, date, season, person, position, outcome, answer, or even year but I am certain that my God will surely do it. That riles us up, which makes it hard for us to believe that our heavenly Father even knows exactly who we are and what we need.


Well, I know it riles me up sometimes. I just don’t have the faith to comprehend or believe that I am a child of God who is loved and taken care of. There are situations where we are required to just trust God, to believe that He is a good Father who has good plans and intentions for us and that His ways are better than ours. These times are the times where it can be hard to believe the simple truth – I am a child of God. These times seek to open us up and question our beliefs. Do I really believe this simple truth?


Unfortunately for me, I believe this truth theologically, but my actions occasionally prove me otherwise. The way I approach difficult seasons, my reactions towards failure, and my impatience proves that sometimes I just have a skewed view of God and His Fatherly love. I tend to conclude the worst about God, I just fail to simply understand that a Father knows what’s best. If earthy fathers can love their children so much, how much more can my heavenly Father love me? (Matthew 7:11)


I had to sit down and remind myself that God is my Father. He will sustain, preserve, feed, clothe, defend, protect, provide, give, chastise, correct, reproof, redirect, and elevate me how he sees fit. He is a Father who knows what’s best for me, His No’s are an act of love, His delays are a form of protection, and His Yes is better than mine. I had to engrave this in my heart, believe it, and let it govern how I act in difficult situations. This is the kind of truth we can forget over the years, the kind of truth we can place in our drawers and never remember when we need to.


Draining, hard, daunting, and difficult seasons do not indicate that we are not children of God, they will in fact make us realise that our heavenly Father is sovereign, and forever coming through for His kids. Rest on that simple truth today. I know I need to.




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