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VIDEO: Meet The Muslim Scholar Who Gave Reasons Why Jesus Is The True Messiah(Al-Masih)

In a video, Siraj Wahhaj expressed that Muslims trust Jesus is the Messiah, alluding to him as Al-Masih in the Quran

In the Quran, Jesus is alluded to multiple times as Al-Masih, a title given to no other prophet. He proceeded to say that Christ is the Greek word for "blessed," which is the way Christians got their name. 

One reason most Muslims think that it is hard to acknowledge him as the Messiah, as per Siraj, is that a savior should carry harmony to everyone. Therefore, he encouraged everybody to accept harmony since we as a whole serve a similar God. 

He proceeded to say that "Jesus is the Sign of the Hour," in the wake of affirming that God can do anything he desires, accordingly God saved Jesus with a certain goal in mind by raising him from the dead and taking him to paradise, while permitting different prophets, like John the Baptist, to be killed. 

Siraj continued his talk by adding "The day of judgment won't happen until different signs show up, one of which is the arrival of Jesus, who should come to satisfy his Messianic job as an only leader over everybody. We are not afraid to concede that we have faith in Jesus. 

He wrapped up by adding, "When Jesus (Peace and Blessing arrive) returns for the subsequent time, he will carry equity to the earth. He closed by saying that promotion Dajjal (hostile to christ) is authentic in the Quran and that Jesus is the one in particular who can stop it.

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