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Danger or the heavy part if you are spiritual gifted person

The danger or the heavy part if you are spiritual gifted person

- Normalize to pray when you pass accident because by virtue you attract bad things in order to heal them. So if people died in.

An accident and you pass there is high chance that their spirit or the situation itself bring bad luck to your life.

- Normalise to pray before you use your money or else you might not do any good things with your money.

- Normalise praying before you hangout with friend/ or you will have to tell them their problems. So that you dont suffer things like headache, tiredness, pains, stomach. In your life. Or worse inherit their problems to your life.

Most of your tiredness, shoulders heavy, headache, ke other people's problems for you to solve. But you cantsolve them all so best option communicate with your ancestors. pray before you go anywhere i mean anything you do.

Out of context a bit: most of people's problems are cost by sex. Bath with traditional herbs before intimacy after intercourse. So that you dont inherit bad luck

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