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‘This church Is Very Dangerous’ Mzansi Wants This Church Shut Down In South Africa|See Why

It's impossible to keep track of all the churches in South Africa. Some preachers even travel from outside the nation to just open houses of worship in South Africa because they see how simple the people here are and how they have faith in everything and everything. Today, though, we shall be analyzing one of South Africa's most seasoned halls of worship. South Africans are pushing for the closure of this group. On Twitter, a conversation regarding the congregation's Universal Church of God has begun. 

Many South Africans believe the congregation is a ruse designed to defraud people of their hard-earned money. If you thought Bushiri's congregation was a money launderer, wait till you see what happens at Universal church. They even have an atm inside the congregation. Many people have discovered how their family members are indoctrinated into surrendering all of their compensations and even their homes as a proposal to the church. An individual would rather be broke and see their family go hungry while giving all of their pay to the church.

This congregation has devastated many people's lives, yet no one ever talks about it. Rich people attend that church and emerge more unlucky than at any other moment in recent memory as a result of surrendering everything they own. Ministers, in particular, continue to become more and more lavish. There is something they do to the congregation members to make them give up all claim to having a seat. When you witness a congregation putting money ahead of everything else and, in any case, requiring that you donate your car and house outright, you know it's not a good church. It's a profitable scheme. It's no surprise that South Africans want the gathering to be permanently closed down. It is obliterating the lives of many South Africans.

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