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SHOULD WE BE SCARED? Popular Prophet Reveals Tragic Events That Will Happen in December

Many may or may not have known but Rhadebelihle is a well known Prophet who has forecast or prophecies legion accidents that have come to pass. Many usually don’t believe his prophecy but when he prophesied against Shona Ferguson’s death? Many began to believe him.

What shocked the whole world is a recent post he made on Twitter saying many would die during the month of December as well as lots of Tragic events will occur. 

He's not concerned about whether or not others are alive. This man went on social media history after all of the social media localities were shut down to prove it to people. In July, he blazoned that the social media locality would be closed for four hours this day. When it comes to reality, legion people have had that experience.

Although lots of people believed him yet, they don't take his analysis at face value. He said the only way to prevent such from happening is by through meditation, raising your vibration, change of diet, sun gazing, resonating with love & draining out the chip.

Some people were infuriated by the fact that he only ever forecast death. People wondered why Jesus did not tell them when we'd be glad. No one at all got a response from this immature man about the situation. 


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