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Check below simple ritual to introduce the baby to the amadlozi (opinion)

Rituals connect us deeply to ourselves and to the higher source that gives all life , it gives us the comfort of feeling we belong some where , these rituals create unity instead of separations

The ritual to introduce a baby to the ancestors is very important, it is important to ask from old people of your family how to do your family rituals

imbeleko is a ritual that must be done for a baby after 1months or older , some families prefer to do it when the child is more than 8 years

So that child can eat his meat well, according to a sangoma Mr mavuka, this is very important ritual

In case of introducing a baby to the ancestors a goat/sheep must be slaughtered , if the baby is older is offered a piece of meat

That is taken above the right the foreleg (inguba) if the baby is to small her mother will eat meat for her

Some families do a traditional beer and the elders of the family normally speak and ask the ancestor to accept guide, protect the baby

This ritual is very important it is where you introduce the baby to the ancestors so that they can protect in all bad things

This ritual is practiced by many cultures like xhosa, zulu, kikuyo, akhona, and many more

Traditional beer is very important, sharing a traditional beer during the ritual can make the ancestors happy

Because at any place where people are gathering drinking a traditional beer the are ancestors

According to our culture we believe that when you have done a traditional beer for the ancestors, ancestors drink that traditional beer even though you won't see them

The reason to introduce a baby to the ancestors, ancestors don't know the baby until you introduce him to the them

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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