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Allegedly Apostle Chiwenga told were to get off after trash talking CCC: Opinion

There is only one reason why Job Sikala is being arrested, he is being arrested for being a CCC official. 

Apostle Chiwenga, if at any time you chose to officially join CCC and hold a leadership position you will get arrested instantly and be sent to jail.

I also have a brother next door, @JacobNgarivhume who demands action everyday. The day he officially joins CCC and assume an official position he will be arrested everyday, like everyday. 

The reason is by arresting officials from CCC ED knows that he is arresting Nelson Chamisa.

It therefore means if Skala is in jail, Sithole in jail, the 13 Nyatsime activists in jail, @nelsonchamisa is in jail 15×.

ED fears Chamisa, he is actually untouchable, touching him will result in a very serious international crisis. So to deal with him ED arrests his brigadiers, and that is why Skala is in jail.

In case you don't know Apostle, Nelson Chamisa is the 2nd most powerful man from ED, and amongst the most powerful man in Africa!!

I think you are getting the sense Apostle from broken English, don't go away its your day.

This man of God with all due respect is very much confused. We don't even know whether he's still a man of God or not. He sometimes preaches other men of God instead of the gospel of Jesus Christ, sometimes he is preaching politics instead of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is commenting about everything and everywhere.

He's using his studio to trash talk people, he is using his studio to make himself righteous than everybody. In actual fact this is the kind of a man that do not have anyone that he stands with, he stands alone when it comes to politics. He talks like as if himself can do better when it comes to ministry, he talks like he is a better man of God than all the others. This is the kind of a man this apostle is.

I don't know when he is praying if the Holy Spirit does not tell him to slow down or reprimand him. Does God not tell him that he is now grieving His spirit, he is a person who does not know when to stop. He criticized both people that are much older than him, he criticizes people that are his peers, he also criticized those that are young enough to be his children.

So he does not have respect for anyone. We know how he used to trash-talk prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. I really don't know what the problem is with this man of God.

Thank you

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