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Important Sacred Bible Names, Parents Should Refrain From Naming Their Children. Find Out And Don't

10 biblical names that parents should stop naming their children .Most parents prefer to use biblical names to name their children. This is because most biblical names have clear meanings and parents want to name their sons and daughters. However, there are some biblical names that parents should avoid naming their children because they have certain meanings.

The meaning of most of these names is related to the character of the people mentioned in the Bible. This is what the Bible means, that is, parents are not allowed to name their children.

1. Judas. According to the Bible, the name means traitor. This is because even though Judas was a disciple of Jesus, he still betrayed him. From a Christian perspective, Judas is not a good example of how to name children.

2. Arnon. As everyone knows, Amnon raped his daughter, for which he was cursed.

3. Jezebel. This is a feminine name. According to the Bible, Jezebel is considered the most evil woman, promoted prostitution by building a temple and was cursed.

4. Abimela. It is used to name men. He and his descendants were cursed by God after killing his brother and making him king.

5. Goliath. According to the Bible, the name means the enemy of Israel (Christians), so naming the name as a person is not a good example.

6. Herod. The name means the king 's father, destroyer. This is because he wanted to kill the baby Jesus when he was born to destroy his mission.

7. Lucifer. The name means dark spirit, and according to the Bible, he is considered to be Satan.

8. Cain. The name means murderer or jealousy. This is because he killed his brother Abel after God accepted his sacrifice.

9. Ham. He and his descendants were cursed after seeing their father (Noah) naked.

10. Saul. This name is not a good example of being named because he (Saul) persecuted Christians before God blindfolded him. Later he changed his name to Paul. Before naming a child, parents should know the definition of the name.

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